Submitted by Felicia (Izzy) Kennedy

What if my words didn’t have to be safe for other people?

I would shout, cuss and tell the world men are animals who prey on the naivety of the young.

Men think we should want them to violate us; we are nothing but toys to be used and discard after the violence of their actions is through.

I would swear, spit venom boiling in my soul, I hate you and the drama you brought to my door.

I don’t want you and I have nothing for you.

I only want to be in my safe place, but it has become a prison cell.

I want to scream; traumatized by the pounding, flesh upon flesh, blows I cannot dodge, hands that tear me apart, kicks rack my body with pain.

Hate-filled words, forever playing through the corridors of my mind…

See me…I am not a piece of meat to be taken for your pleasure.

I am the woman you raped!

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