Written by: Tara Clark

How does one salute a room full of Saviors,
who dedicate their lives to changing circumstance and behaviors? What is the value of Angels on Earth?
Nothing can convey the depth of their worth.
The many lives that have been saved,
are thanks to the paths you each have paved.
The involvement, care and attention that is shown,
by treating every veteran like family of your own,
has shown each vet that they are worthwhile
even if you have to walk the extra mile.
Jobs, homes and help with resources,
could never be accomplished without knowledgeable sources. Groups, discussions and DBT,
save even more from depression and anxiety.
Sharp eyes, ears and medicinal aptitude,
saves us all from becoming skewed.
A kind, caring, understanding heart,
helps to keep us from falling apart.
We could never thank you all enough,
for your compassion and strength when things get rough.
I do sometimes wonder though, after an appointment with me, Does my therapist see a therapist? I worry for her sanity.
To deal with veterans, most don’t have what it takes,
we can’t live without you, not all heroes wear capes.

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