Tribute to a Caregiver

Submitted by Ron Nash

She smiles as she hands him his coffee

He kisses her hand and says he’s so lucky

She lovingly smooths down his hair

He’s happy that she gives him such good care

She fixes his breakfast, lunch and dinner

He grins and tells her he needs to be thinner

She does his laundry, folding his shirts the way he likes

He worries that maybe his favorite is getting too tight

She organizes his papers, crumbled wads and soda cans thrown away

He grumbles about how busy he is and not having enough time in his day

She carefully fills his pill caddy and reminds him daily to take his meds

He dutifully swallows wondering if they really help his body and his head

She encourages him to socialize and suggests different events

He prefers home, his recliner and TV but doesn’t mind if she went

She runs their house, inside and out, making decisions alone

He worries about money and her spending she must atone

She gently strokes his head as he drifts off to sleep

He smiles happily unaware of the anxiety she keeps

She expresses concern about an issue weighing on her mind

He gets angry and spews words hurtful and unkind

She makes the decisions, worried it’s not right

He is blissfully unaware of her relentless fright

She puts on a smile, exhausted from her day

He smiles back as she silently commits with him to stay

She quietly cries in the shower, never letting him see

The daily strain of living with his PTSD

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  1. Brant

    Very touching…and awesome!!!

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