The Old Warrior

By Brant Parker

The old warrior, a fierce fighter…

Answered the call of his country in two wars, battle-war-torn, he served his time in hell…

He returned heavy laden with medals, a hero, no talk of battles won and lost

Wizened, aged beyond his years he continued marching forward…

Until death called the old warrior… No escape and evade this time

Nightmares and flashbacks all faded to black, swansong, his war had ended at last…

Smartly dressed in his blues, medals rested upon his chest

He was America’s best…pass and review

The twenty-one-gun salute rang out true

And the old warrior was finally laid to rest.

Dedicated to James M. Blackwell, Vietnam combat veteran, USMC Force Reconnaissance 1965 – 1967, Died from complications of Agent Orange

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