The Old Man

Written by: Eugene Duffy

He stands tall when others do not,
Has seen countless tragedies and victories,
Visited foreign lands away from home,
He chose this service to his country and others.

He fought for freedom from tyranny,
Won battles for the rights and freedoms of countrymen,
He worked with allies to destroy injustice,
Also removed an evil oppressor from power.

He is a hero and savior from communism,
Fought bravely against a hidden and unknown enemy,
He has defended many lives in opposition to acts of terror,
And has saved unnumbered others by standing watch.

After the end of conflict and victory achieved,
The payment for this sacrifice had many forms,
Sometimes it was love and praise,
Other times it was hate and discrimination.

Who is this selfless person you ask,
He is the old man down the road,
The neighbor, friend, family member, or just a stranger,
He is the American veteran.

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