The Meaning of Love

Written by Brant Parker

Love comes in many different ways, such as friendship, family relationships, romance, gestures, or words.

Some friendships ruminate a close bond; love the person for who they are and respect them for the way of life they choose to maintain. We do not have to agree with their lifestyle, but we should respect them if we are friends. I know I have friends, and we choose to agree to disagree on different venues; however, we hold a tremendous amount of respect for each other to accept the differences we have and still have a great relationship. I can honestly say I am closer to my friends, and I love them as if they are blood-related. Those friendships mean the most to me, and I would do anything for them because of that special bond.

I love my family, and I would do just about anything to aid or comfort them. I’m pretty sure they would do the same for me. It is hard to describe how you love your family, but you always know that they are there for you no matter what.  It is expected that you will love your family. No one questions that love. I know families argue, and at times, they can be jerks, but things seem to work out for the most part.

On rare occasions, that is not the case, and families part over different reasons. I think we still love them, but we maintain our distance to keep the drama down and reduce stress to its lowest possible form. I have family members I do not talk with and could care less to see them because of things. I still care about them and wonder about them, but I don’t want to deal with anger and stress. It’s better to love them from a distance.

Romantic relationships can either be the best thing since sliced bread or take you to the depths of hell. I realize that it takes two for a relationship and there is give and take. I think some people are more giving in nature than others, and some are takers. Marriage is something you have to work at, and being romantic can be challenged by daily life. We get complacent in our marriages and forget how we got this person to fall in love with us. Our focus is on our children more than our marriage.  Sometimes we forget the romantic part of our early stages of the courtship, and well, we have good years/bad years. Romantic relationships have to be given and take, meaning neither person will always be able to give 100% all the time. We have to accept that we may need to carry our partner and make up the difference. I am no expert, and I often wonder if I should ever get married again because of my past two marriages. Relationships are complicated when romance is involved. I know from experience, it can be the happiest time of your life, or when the marriage is going south to include divorce, it can be the worst.

Gestures work on all aspects of love; no words need to be spoken. If the person knows you care about them, a simple gesture, such as a card, gift, or even a phone call, can mean the world to them.

The three most powerful words known to man are, I LOVE YOU.  They can be applied to many different situations. They can carry different meanings to friends, loved ones, or significant others. However, choose your words wisely because once spoken, they cannot be undone. We can say things out of anger, happiness, or dissatisfaction. Comments can be powerful; they can also be the knife to cut you straight to the bone. Think before you speak. Save yourself from regrettable and painful situations that may never actually heal.

I believe love is genuine. We all want to feel that someone cares for us. It is in our human nature. Sure, we make mistakes, but it can be the healing factor to a bad day when love is involved.

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