The writers’ zone is the idea of Ron Nash as a showcase for the many veterans who use their writing talents to deal with their PTSD and other health issues.

Ron served his country honorably in the Republic of Vietnam and was awarded a Purple Heart and other military commendations. After returning to his home in Cincinnati, Ron grew restless and relocated to Northern California. He graduated from San Jose State University and began a successful career as the owner of multiple businesses in California and Arizona.

In the early 90s, Ron sold his businesses and moved his wife and children to Central Kentucky so Ron could pursue a new career as a pastor. Always a spiritual man, Ron enrolled in Asbury Seminary and began taking classes. Unfortunately, Ron’s PTSD interrupted his studies and he began the long journey of healing and learning to handle his PTSD with the help of the VA.

Ten years later, with his children grown and his beloved wife deceased from breast cancer, Ron moved back to Cincinnati, Ohio. He began participating in the Cincinnati VA’s Mental Health outpatient support group. When the group’s Peer Support facilitator left, Ron’s psychiatrist suggested Ron take over the group. Ron enrolled in the State of Ohio’s Certified Peer Support program and soon he was officially certified by the State. Ron began volunteering in the Cincinnati VA Medical Center’s Outpatient Mental Health Program. His military experience as well as his personal PTSD journey connected him with many other combat veterans with PTSD. Soon the VA asked him to come out of retirement and they hired him as a full-time Peer Support Specialist.

Ron likes to wear hats and bowties. His signature look is enjoyed by his co-workers at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center.

Ron has always been a fan of the written word and has been published many times. He implemented two writing groups at the Cincinnati VA and several of his writers have been published. Samples of their work along with that of other writers in the group as well as some of Ron’s work are included on this website.

Writing continues to play an important part in Ron’s ongoing PTSD treatment. He hopes anyone who visits this site, will embrace their inner “writer” and be encouraged to pick up a pen and start writing. Ron feels there is a story inside everyone. Will the writers’ zone inspire you to tell your story?

For more information about this website and its content, you can contact Ron directly either by email or by phone.

(606) 510-4250