The Boo Boo Bandit

By:  Lynnette Hager Bohman

“MOOOOOOM” I cried as I came running into the kitchen. 

“I fell” I screamed as I pointed to my dirty knee.  “It hurts really bad.

“Ok sweetie. Let me look at it” Mom said as she lifted me up onto the kitchen counter.  She wet a paper towel and dabbed my knee to wipe away the dirt.  Slowly a bright red scrape began to appear.

“It’s bleeding” I shrieked.

“No it is not” she said calmly.  Mom opened the cabinet and grabbed the colorful butterfly band-aids we picked out last week at the store.

“Now hold still” she said.  She pulled out a bright pink one and carefully pulled off the sticky strips from the back.   She placed the band-aid on my knee and then kissed the top.  Just like that my knee felt better.

“How did you do that Mom?”  I asked.

“I am the Boo Boo bandit sweetie.  All moms are.  We steal all the boo Boos and throw them far far away” Mom said with a smile.  And with that she kissed my cheek and I went back outside to play.

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  1. Peter

    Yes Moms are Boo Boo Bandit

  2. Tara

    Oh My Goodness that made me smile. It’s very short, sweet and cute. I love this!

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