Some Haikus

Written by: Eugene Duffy

Twisting road ahead
Danger at every corner
Steady your rhythm

You are my world
I knew you before we met
My dream that came true

Light springtime zephyr
The breath of God on my face
Calming refreshment

Battlers of war
They are brothers in arms now
Family forever

Hate is a learned trait
Love can be taught as well tho
Which do you express

What is true freedom?
Escape from our evil thoughts
Brings serenity

One’s peace comes aided
Others will get you through life
Alone will not work

Silent and deadly
Inner thoughts of a serviceman
Ask, listen, and help

Falling off the cliff
Wings open, slowing descent
Soft and safe landing

The headwind is strong
Got to keep pushing forward
To earn life’s reward

Overcome obstacles
Defeat the evildoers
The star of the story

Calm meditation
Quieting the inner beast
Music for the soul

Out to the unknown
Adventure awaits the brave
Discover youself

Down into the hole
Try to catch the white rabbit
Game of sanity

Beautiful song
Hear it loud and be rejoiced
Life’s victory chords

Lovely recipe
All happy ingredients
Delicious dessert

The bombs and bullets
Chaotic memories stay
Scars of the battles

Wounded and bloodied
Knight rises to continue
Fights for those he loves

Flashing in the mind
The faces clear and present
Here with me always

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