Small Things

Written by: Trina Mioner

As I started my morning with a cup of coffee, I began to shrink into my oversized chair. My Bible fell out of my hands and landed in the seat beside me. I didn’t understand why I was shrinking but a spiritual song came into my heart, ‘Lord I Want to be More of You and Less of Me.’

Oh no! how will I do my morning devotions? The Bible next to me was now too large for me to open. I decided to use the Bible as a step ladder to climb on the arm of the chair and reach my cell phone. I could not start my day without the Word. I jumped on the phone and it lit up like the strip in Las Vegas. I landed on the Bible app and was able to maneuver to Isiah, dancing from app to app. I heard the phone speaker shout, ‘my ways are not your ways says the Lord.’ I felt everything was going to be okay.

Using the charging cord, I was able to slide down the steep chair arm to the top of the trash can. From there I swung from the trash bag and landed safely on my slippers. The first thing I noticed was that the door was closed. I never noticed how wide the gap at the bottom of the door was from the floor. I could drive a tractor through the opening. At that moment it occurred to me that at this size there were no closed doors. Every room was now open to me without being seen. What would I do with this newfound information?

I heard voices coming from the kitchen. It seems if I were going to be shrunk to the size of a quarter, I could have gotten new legs. The walk to the kitchen seemed to be an impossible feat. I saw a small stick in the carpet that could be used as a cane. It might have been a stem from an apple core. As I approached the kitchen the voices got louder. I felt like I was eavesdropping because I was. They were talking about me! My son-in-law said just because Mom must give up sal,t it does not mean we all have to. My daughter stood firm and told him he could add more salt to his food. As my son-in-law walked across the kitchen, he almost stepped on me with his size 12 shoe.

I asked myself, if they can see all this stuff on the floor. My feet were sticking to something black the kids had dropped. I rested on a sour patch kid that was on the floor under the cabinet edge. It was harder than it looked. After about an hour there was complete silence. My granddaughter and her boyfriend came in the back door and sat at the kitchen table. I felt safe tucked away in the corner. I sat unnoticed in my own area made of food fallen to the floor. The boyfried asked my granddaughter if she had asked her mother to take her to get some birth control. So he was pressuring her for sex!

I was grateful for my invisibility which forced me to hold my tongue. Instead I prayed for insight into what I needed to do. But first I needed to get back to my room and back to my right size. As I approached my chair, I could feel myself growing. Within minutes all my pounds were back into place.

When I went to speak to my daughter, she was impressed with my insight into how she felt about my health. My granddaughter thought I was the best when I told her that I knew she was being pressured to have sex and that it was okay to say no.

The next thing I did was to mop that filthy dirty kitchen floor. I don’t know how or why I was shrunk for a day but I’m thankful for small things.

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