Oh No!

Written by DeAnna Erdmann

I don’t know what got into me this morning. Maybe it was the bright sunshine warming my body as it broke through the budding leaves on the tall trees, or maybe it was the lingering crispness in the early morning spring air, but I took off running. I could barely hear mom yelling for me because my ears were plugged from the joy of this freedom sprint. I ran and ran, feeling excitement bubble up inside of me. The more I ran, the more I breathed and the more I knew I had to keep going. I zoomed past beautiful homes with newly flowering gardens. I darted between the legs of people focused and hurrying to work. I whizzed and whooshed between trash cans like a bird in flight. I followed a hawk on the hunt and was quickly distracted by a rabbit as it scurried back to its den. There was so much to see and even more to smell. I felt like I could explode with joy.

Then I realized something… mom wasn’t with me. Fear crept up my back, making all my hairs stand on end. I knew that I had done something bad, but how do I fix it. I need to get back to my mom. I looked around and saw the rabbit in the distance. I need to go that way, I thought and headed in that direction. When I arrived at the rabbits yard I noticed trash cans off in the distance. I remembered how free I had felt darting in and out of them… I have to head that way next. My heart felt so sick from being so far away from my mom. When I reached the trash cans I could hear people talking and walking. I followed the sound until I the busy street full of businessmen and women heading on their work work work. I kept walking, avoiding looking at the curious looks I received.

I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. I could just barely smell the fresh new budding flowers I had run by so quickly. I walked and followed the smell until I recognized the beautiful homes with their flowering gardens. “Archie!” I could hear mom up ahead calling my name. I sprinted toward the sound of her voice. “Archie, there you are! I was so worried!” Mom knelt down as I bounded up the stairs at the front of our house. She wrapped her arms around me and I felt so safe and happy to be back where I belong. The sunshine warmed my body and the crisp air replenished my lungs, but the hug and love of my mom filled my heart. “Come on boy, let’s get back inside.” Mom rubbed my ears and ran her hands down my back. I followed her inside knowing I was the luckiest dog in the world.

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