My Mommy is a Superhero

Written by DeAnna Erdmann

My Mommy is a superhero. She fought in war when I wasn’t even in her tummy yet. She says she was a baby, but I don’t think they let babies be in the Army.

Mommy said she went to a place called Arack, but it didn’t have clothes on it. She said that it was really dry and hot there, especially in the summer. She said that she was trying to help protect the people that lived there from the bad guys. I had asked her what the bad guys look like, cause in Pokemon the bad guys have angry faces and they wear black. Mommy laughed and said that the bad guys she fought looked like everyone else. I think that sounds crazy because bad guys should look bad like in my shows.

I asked Mommy what war was like… Did you shoot anyone? Did people die? Mommy’s eyes start to look away from me. She looks a little sad now. She tells me that war is lonely and scary and that people do die, but that I don’t need to worry about that kind of thing because I am safe here in America. I don’t tell her that I’m not in America,  I’m in the living room.

I know sometimes Mommy still thinks about it because sometimes her eyes go to that place that is away from me and she looks a little sad. I want to make her better so I will give her lots of hugs and kisses when her face looks sad.

My Mommy is a superhero and I know that she still is because she is strong. She can lift me up and throw me in the air. She runs so fast when she chases me in the yard. My Mommy’s biggest superpower is cuddling, she holds me so tight.

I think that it is so cool that she was in the Army. I know that when I play Army with my friends I feel like a superhero. I think that guns are fun to play because I like to make the sounds with my mouth. My Mommy says I shouldn’t touch real guns cause they can hurt people and even though I think they are cool they can be super scary. I believe her, ’cause she knows everything.

Mommy says being in the Army isn’t like in the movies. She says a lot of time is just being here in America. They go to post every day and work on trucks. She says they exercise a lot too. I know Mommy exercised a lot because she still exercises. She puts videos on the tv and jumps around as some lady talks at her. Mommy doesn’t ask to work on our car, even though she says she could. Mommy says that it’s nice for daddy to work on our car. I tell Mommy I think she must be a superhero and she laughs and says her super power is to hurry up and wait, but I don’t know what that means.

I ask Mommy if she was super strong when she was in the Army. She smiles and whispers that she still is super strong. She holds up her arm so I can feel her muscles. I reach out to feel her arm when she moves super-fast and tickles my armpit. I giggle and wiggle.

My Mommy is a superhero.

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