If you would like to showcase your writing on the Writers Zone, it’s easy to do. Any, honorably discharged veteran may submit his or her original short story, poem or children’s story.

Submissions must be original works authored by the sender. Previously published submissions are accepted. Multiple submissions are welcome but they may not all be accepted for inclusion on the website.

Include with your submission a short bio about you including your name, branch of service, years you served and where you served. If you are a current member of a veterans’ organization such as DAV, VFW, etc., include that information as well.

The Administrators of the website will review each submission for length, subject matter, and appropriate content. Graphic violence or excessive foul language will not be accepted. Minor editing may be done to accommodate space limitations.

Send your original writing to Submissions at writerszone2021@gmail.com.

Please send it in as a Word document or in a PDF format.