Grandma Gigee

Written by Trina Mioner

Today is Grandma Gigee’s birthday. She is 90 years old. My sister and I made her a gigantic card. Grandma said all she wanted was a card and for us girls to be happy. She could not think of anything she needed or wanted.

Grandma Gigee is not really my grandma; she is my father’s grandma. We call her grandma because great grandma is a mouth full. She is so old she has a flip phone and does not know how to use a laptop. She laughs and calls herself computer challenged.

Grandma Gigee has a lot of good stories that start out with when she was a child. They did not have a T.V. I look forward to going to her house because she gives us the best animal cookies. They are her special collection just for my sister and me. My Dad said she had the same cookies when he was a boy.

Grandma Gigee’s hands are soft, and you can feel her bones through her skin. She has a big laugh and a super tight hug. We go and visit her at least once a month because Dad says she will not be here much longer. I will be sad when she goes but she says she will be dancing on streets of gold.

Dad said tomorrow is not promised to anyone and that we had to make the best of today.

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  1. Peter

    Grand mother’s are special

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