Gold Star Child

Written by: By: Lynnette Hager Bohman

He woke up early and took a shower.  Today was a very special day.  He put on his lavender button up shirt taking great care to make sure all the buttons were lined up correctly.  He pulled on his black dress pants, tucked in his shirt, and buckled his shiny black belt.  His feet had grown since last year, so mom and he had gone shoe shopping last week for the perfect dress shoes.  He opened the brown box to reveal the shiniest black dress shoes he had ever seen.  After he put on the socks, he carefully placed his shoes on each foot being ever so careful to not get a fingerprint on his new shoes.

                Standing up he looked in the mirror to take a once over and make sure everything was in place.  He walked down the hallway and knocked on his mother’s bedroom door.

                “Come in” she said.

                He turned the knob and stepped in the room.  He could see her standing in front of her armoire putting on her earrings.

                “You look so handsome” she said as she smiled.  “Your father would be so proud.  Are you ready for today?”

                “I think so” he said.  “Is everything straight?” he asked as he looked down his shirt to the tips of his shoes.

                She opened one of the large jewelry box drawers and pulled out a large black velvet pouch.

                “Here we go” she said.  “You got this!”

                She opened the pouch to reveal a set of dog tags which she placed around his neck.  Next, she pulled out a coin that had two stars on it.

                “Put this in your pocket and don’t lose it” she said as she looked firmly into his eyes.  “If you get nervous just reach into your pocket and touch it.”

                The last thing she pulled out was a small round pin that she placed on his collar every year.  Its background was a deep purple and right in the center was a large gold star.  After she pinned it on, she ran her hands down his shoulders and arms as if to smooth his shirt.  She kissed his forehead and said, “There all done.  I love you.  It is time to go.”  He placed his hand in hers and they headed out the door for the town’s Memorial Days festivities.

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