Fuel to the Fire

Written by: Tara Clark

Leers and jeers

Stories and lies

Soul shattering hurt

As the Rumor flies.

The pain, screams and tears

When I yelled “NO”

Was completely ignored

As he delivered the blow.

“I’m your superior

Don’t bother to plead”

He snarled and growled

As he finished the deed.

Dazed and confused

I crawled to my rack

Whispers already abound

Behind my back.

It wasn’t my fault

What happened to me

Yet the actual Truth

They don’t care to see.

I begged for a transfer

Of course it’s denied

No one believes me

So my pain’s held inside.

Shameful thoughts continue

To run through my head

Guilt, hate and frustration

Demanding to be fed.

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