Freedom Pastures

By: Tara Clark

They say the grass is greener

on the other side.

I was dying to find out

whether or not they lied.

I had no other choice

but to pack up and go,

saying goodbye wasn’t an option

if I wanted to dodge another blow.

The abuse had gotten worse

and I’d run out of excuses,

stories and makeup useless

in hiding the extensive bruises.

I’d signaled my secret friend Angie

who’s in on the conspiracy,

and was lurking around outside

waiting on a sign from me.

She’d nodded the “all clear”

and I ran for the open car door,

slamming it shut as she smashed

the gas pedal to the floor.

An hour out of town

still shaking like a leaf,

Angie was trying to convince me

to take a breath of relief.

But from behind his truck appeared

like a predator stalking prey,

Angie started driving crazy

and all I could do was pray.

He was trying to run us over

with flashing lights and honking horn

speeding up and ramming her bumper

finally causing us to go airborne.

They say the grass is greener

on the other side.

I have died to find out

That they have not lied.

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