Dandelion Kisses

Written by: Lynnette Bohmann

Dad says they are weeds. 

Mom says they are seeds.

I believe they are magic puff balls I can make a wish upon.

Sometimes I run barefoot through the yard kicking them as hard as I can.

Small white explosions fill the air as I try to catch them with my hands.

I save the biggest ones for last; these are special.

I snap the stems where they touch the grass.

Did you know if you put a bunch of them together they look like a cloud?

I pull them close to my face and close my eyes tight.

Time to make a BIG WISH!

I can feel the dandelions tickling my nose.


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  1. Peter

    Oh yes, I can say that I like to crash the white balls as a kid. I never knew how important they are to us all. How is that? They provide the first pollen for bees in the spring. Bees provide one every three bites we take through their work.

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