Daddy’s Here

Written by Trina Mioner

Lulu looked up at her mother with her bright eyes the size of a quarter and asked a question that her mother did not expect. “Mama,” she asked, “where is God?”

They were returning from the little store-front church where they occupied the front bench at the invitation of their next-door neighbor. They didn’t have a church, but she cared for old lady “Crane.” Her nickname was the cookie lady. This was the third time she invited them to visit her church. Lulu held tight to her mother’s arm when the preacher screamed. If you don’t know God, then you won’t go to heaven.

“Mama,” she asked, “where is God?”  Mama replied, “Little girl after you brush your teeth and put your PJs on, I will tuck you in and tell you a story that will help you understand.”

When Mom entered her room, she was as bright eyed, and bushy tailed as she was when she woke up that morning. Mom sat on the side of her twin-size bed and began telling her a story. This was a special day for my brother, Uncle Ernie and I. We were climbing our tree house for the first time. Daddy had worked on the tree house everyday after his job at the post office. He delivered mail to all the houses on our tree lined street. He worked on our tree house everyday for three long weeks. We were so excited. Mom dressed us up in dungarees and gym shoes. I felt like we were going on a trip. I put on my Barbie backpack filled with water, snacks, and my teddy bear who followed me around everywhere I went.

Dad had worked well into the night. Our treehouse had a roof, seats, carpeted floor, and a place to put our secrets. I was so excited and afraid at the same time.

“It’s all right Daddy is here with you,” Daddy said.

“What if I fall down the ladder?” I asked.

“Then Daddy will catch you,” he answered.

“Okay Dad, I will try.”

Ernie had his walkie talkies strapped to his chest. He had to go first because he was the oldest. He climbed up before me, but I was close behind. Dad reached his two hands down, cupped them together and bent over, to give me a boost like a big girl. I went up two steps and tripped but Daddy caught me.

“That alright, you can do it, try again.”

Daddy made me feel like I could do anything. I finally made it to the top and rolled on the floor. I could see Daddy standing on the ground below the tree. Out of nowhere, Ernie started screaming, Bees! Bees! While fighting off the bees he clumsily tripped and knocked the ladder down. As I was getting stung, I could hear Daddy’s voice in the confusion.

“I got you, Daddy’s here.”

As he held me in his arms, I was crying, “You let the bees sting me!”

He kept saying, as he was running down the driveway with me in his arms, “I got you baby girl.”

During the ambulance ride, we all rode together. Through the siren and commotion, I could hear the whisper, “Daddy is here.”

Lulu that’s the way it is with God. Through the joy, confusion, and commotion God is right here with you. If you listen you can hear, “It’s alright, Daddy’s got you.”

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  1. Tara

    Awww…this is very sweet and a good way of answering a question a child would have on their level. Good job!

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