Christmas Haikus

Quiet, fluffy snow

Tenderly fall on thy cheek

I smile glowingly

Flames in the chimney

Shimmer of mini bright lights

Comforting ardor

Silver silky beard

Vermilion velveteen suit

Onyx leather boots

Conifer decor

Illumination gleaming

Lights encircling

Cookies we all bake

Coated in frosting delight

Sugar cookie high

Festooning popcorn

Gathering all together

Snacking and laughing

Ornaments shinning

Intransitive with twilight

The eye enraptured

Dashing with flutter

Laughter filling the air

Snowballs soaring through the sky

The fire crackling

Sipping hot cocoa delight

Snuggled in blankets

Gazing in darkness

Illumination throughout

 A starry lit night

Silent, holy night

Perplexities left unsaid

Although implicit

Thistles and berries

 A loranthus europaeus

Hanging up above

Candy canes that twist

Relishing in peppermint

Refreshed memory

Bells jingle jangle

Boisterously ringing out

For us all to hear

Christmas Ornimate

Full of wonder and delight

Oh, spherical one

Frosty the snowman

Corncob pipe and button nose

Grinning ear to ear

Ribbons intertwined

Wrapped up so elegantly

Guessing whats inside

Snowglobe of wonder

Shaken into a vortex

Snow falling gently

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