Battlefield Cross

Submitted by Ron Nash

LZ LaiKhe Huey’s touchdown,

warriors return from the fight

Glowing golden rays fade

beyond mountains,

shadow-dance to black

like hearts of those who wait.

Attention! Somber hand salute,

liter loaded, lifeless brothers

pass in review, olive drab

rubber, body bags

partial remains,

load ‘em up.

Hopes, dreams, futures, lost,

gone forevermore.

Engines roar, wings

flashing lights

taxi to takeoff,

back to the World, tonight.

M-14, fixed bayonet

thrust in the earth,

dog tags dangled

beneath a beret.

Jump boots, mirror shined

in the foreground.

Last Post softly played,

sunrise birthed a new day.

Warriors stand tall,

honor all who fall.

Mournful moments

Death angel fly away.

Note: “Battlefield Cross” is a solemn ceremony of those who remain alive to honor warriors killed in action.

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