A Concert I Will Never Forget

Written by: Bob Brumfield

By far and away the best concert I have ever attended was the first one.

In the early 70s, I soon discovered that there was no lack of famous rock bands and new talent. With great anticipation, I looked forward to attending my first concert. It was a life-altering experience; three bands on the card, each a name performer.

 In my peer group, I spoke briefly about the price of the tickets, thirty dollars for two tickets, unheard of at today’s venue. I was taking my girlfriend Chris; it was our first actual date. We left the house at 7 o’clock and still had to wait to get into the auditorium for 45 minutes for the show. It was scheduled to start at 8:00. It started at 8:30 because of the large crowd. We found seats in nosebleed heaven, giving us a great view of the stage.

Then the first band, Rare Earth, took the stage. They began playing Are You Ready, and the place started rocking. Chris had found her way onto my lap and lit a joint. It seemed the whole area was smoking. I could feel her move on my lap whenever the drums were at their peak. Also, she started to feel hot and wet, and I reciprocated with my feelings. My hands went places I had only fantasized about, but she didn’t mind. She seemed to enjoy the attention.

Approximately forty-five minutes later, Rare Earth finished its set to thunderous applause, whistles, and screams. Preparing the stage for the next act, Canned Heat, took fifteen minutes. They started playing Going down to the Country when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter. The place went nuts. Lighters came out, the lights went out except on the stage, and those rock-a-billies played their hearts out. Chris was back on my lap, hot as ever. My hands were busy again, and she leaned back against me, panting.

 The couple next to us seemed to think the show we were putting on was more interesting than the performers on the stage. Just as the band was getting interesting, they finished their set. This time it took twenty-five minutes to reset the stage. Then out he came, Elton John. It was chaos. The girls went crazy. He began to play.

Chris was back on my lap. My hands found a new urgency. Down her body, my hands crept until they caressed her knees. I hesitated a moment and began my quest. I saw she was not wearing any panties. I began exploring; she made little mewing sounds, and as Elton finished, so did Chris.

I ask you, how do you forget a concert like that? You don’t!

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